Troubleshooting the Inability to Access a Specific Website 
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Stepspan1[1]='Start (HNS-3734) Cannot Access a Particular Web Site'~ Stepspan2[1]='34,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[2]='Problem resolved.'~ Stepspan2[2]=''~ Stepspan1[9]='Open your browser and browse to the following websites: http://www.google.com http://www.yahoo.com'~ Stepspan2[9]='12,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[12]='Were you able to browse to both web sites?'~ Stepspan2[12]='15,"Yes",13,"No",'~ Stepspan1[13]='Click (HNS-3733) to troubleshoot using the No browsing article.'~ Stepspan2[13]=''~ Stepspan1[15]='Ping the website you are having difficulties browsing to using the URL. Click (HNS-1108) if you need instructions on how to ping a URL. Note: Record the websites IP address for use later in this article.'~ Stepspan2[15]='16,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[16]='Is the number of packets received zero or was there an error message displayed?'~ Stepspan2[16]='36,"Yes",22,"No",'~ Stepspan1[22]='It appears that the website is down. Attempt to reconnect to the website in 10-15 minutes.'~ Stepspan2[22]=''~ Stepspan1[34]='Select the type of browser you are using then open the browser and verify the Security settings.'~ Stepspan2[34]='65,"Netscape",74,"Firefox/Other",57,"Internet Explorer",'~ Stepspan1[36]='Using the IP address noted in the previous step,browse to the website (i.e. http://www.'~ Stepspan2[36]='37,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[37]='Were you able to browse to the website using the IP address?'~ Stepspan2[37]='41,"Yes",82,"No",'~ Stepspan1[39]='Contact HughesNet Technical support (HNS-1013).'~ Stepspan2[39]=''~ Stepspan1[41]='Verify DNS settings, for instruction on how to check DNS settings click (HNS-1129).'~ Stepspan2[41]='43,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[43]='Did you have to change the DNS settings?'~ Stepspan2[43]='46,"Yes",82,"No",'~ Stepspan1[46]='Attempt to browse to the website you are having difficulties with using the URL.'~ Stepspan2[46]='48,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[48]='Are you able to browse to the website using the URL?'~ Stepspan2[48]='51,"Yes",82,"No",'~ Stepspan1[51]='Problem resolved.'~ Stepspan2[51]=''~ Stepspan1[57]='Click on Tools > Internet Options. image("/PublishingImages/3734_11.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[57]='58,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[58]='Click on the Security tab and verify that the Internet icon is highlighted. image("/PublishingImages/3734_12.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[58]='60,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[60]='Click on the Default Level button and verify that the Security setting is set to Medium or lower. image("/PublishingImages/pf/12/wefiles/3734_13.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[60]='62,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[62]='Click Okay to confirm the setting and close the window.'~ Stepspan2[62]='76,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[65]='Open the Security Dashboard, located in the lower right hand corner of the browser. image("/PublishingImages/3734_14.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[65]='66,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[66]='Locate the Current Site Rating. Is the rating status Verified? image("/PublishingImages/3734_15.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[66]='76,"Yes",70,"No"'~ Stepspan1[70]='Click on the Current Site Rating, then click on the Your Trust Settings arrow link. image("/PublishingImages/3734_15.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[70]='71,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[71]='Change the Browser Settings to I Trust this Site, then click on Done. image("/PublishingImages/3734_16.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[71]='76,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[74]='No option exists to configure security settings.'~ Stepspan2[74]='76,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[76]='Attempt to browse to the website you are having difficulties with.'~ Stepspan2[76]='77,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[77]='Were you able to browse to the website?'~ Stepspan2[77]='79,"Yes",9,"No"'~ Stepspan1[79]='Problem resolved.'~ Stepspan2[79]=''~ Stepspan1[82]='Release and Renew the IP Address. For instruction on how to release and renew an IP address click (HNS-3743).'~ Stepspan2[82]='83,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[83]='Attempt to browse to the website you were having difficulties with.'~ Stepspan2[83]='84,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[84]='Were you able to browse to the website?'~ Stepspan2[84]='87,"Yes",89,"No"'~ Stepspan1[87]='Problem resolved.'~ Stepspan2[87]=''~ Stepspan1[89]='Power cycle the HughesNet modem by unplugging it from the AC power source, waiting 30 seconds then plugging it back in. Note: You may need to wait for an additional minute after the remote is done restarting for the PC to automatically obtain its new IP settings. During this time you will not have access to the Internet.'~ Stepspan2[89]='91,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[91]='Attempt to browse to the website you were having difficulties with.'~ Stepspan2[91]='92,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[92]='Were you able to browse to the website?'~ Stepspan2[92]='87,"Yes",97,"No"'~ Stepspan1[97]='If you are still unable to access the website, you will need to update the Proxy settings on your Browser.Important: Make note of the original Proxy settings before changing them. If changing the proxy setting does not resolve the issue, you will need to change the proxy settings back to the orginal values.
  • For instructions on how to proxy your browser to an external server click (HNS-3747).
  • '~ Stepspan2[97]='99,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[99]='Attempt to browse to the website you were having difficulties with.'~ Stepspan2[99]='100,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[100]='Were you able to browse to the website?'~ Stepspan2[100]='2,"Yes",39,"No"'~ linkPath='/Pages'~linkExtn='.aspx'~AddStep(1,1,1)~


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