Logging In and Out of HughesNet 
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1/7/2011 11:22 AM 


This article explains how to access account information such as billing, e-mail accounts and user profiles by logging into myHughesNet or using the View/Pay My Bill Without Logging In feature.


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Access HughesNet Account Information using the View/Pay My Bill Without Logging In.

  1. View/Pay My Bill Without Logging In is an option that allows the user to view bills or make a one-time payment on a HughesNet account. This feature is available at the myHughesNet Customer Care website. Go to http://customercare.myHughesNet.com.
  2. Click View/Pay My Bill Without Logging In under Billing.
  3. Enter the user Site Account Number (SAN), user zip code and complete the Captcha security question. User SAN is normally given at the time of order and installation. User SANs may also be found on HughesNet bills. For information about obtaining a SAN see (KB 4475).

At the bottom of the security code field, there are two options:

  • View my Invoice - view your latest and previous bills.
  • Make Payment - make a one-time payment.
  1. Click Submit.

A secondary security page will load.

  1. Select a question.
  2. Type in the answer in the field provided. (Answers are part of user account information)

To skip this question in the future, check Remember Me.

  1. Click Submit.

Accessing your HughesNet Account Information by Logging in to the myHughesNet website

myHughesNet website is a tool that allows users to manage HughesNet account and emails. In addition to viewing bills or making one-time payments on HughesNet accounts, users will also be able to manage and update email accounts and payment methods. Users may also signup for e-mail notifications regarding bills, due dates, and payment confirmations.

  1. Go to http://customercare.myHughesNet.com.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter the account myHughesNet User Name. Users can register for a myHughesNet account anytime, see (KB 4565).
  4. Enter the account Password.
  5. Click Login.

This will bring up the home page

  • Manage notifications about bills and payments, (KB 4288).
  • Manage bills, (KB 1197).
  • Manage and view payments, credit/debit cards or e-checks, (KB 1197).