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This article describes how to register to the Support Center and manage the HughesNet account. An email address is required to register. The Support Center allows you to manage your account, email, usage, payments, and payment information, as well as review all the HughesNet Premium Services.

You are encouraged to register to take advantage of all these self-help options available.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why am I being asked to select security questions in supportcenter.myhughesnet.com?
A: The security questions and answers are added features for more secure access to your HughesNet account. If you forget your password, you can reset it online by answering the security questions you have chosen. Also, we have implemented a Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to allow you to log in to our systems once and be able to navigate to most of the services and websites we offer today without having to re-enter the user ID and password.
Q: This HughesNet email website (i.e. home.myhughesnet.com/email) no longer works, where can I access my emails?
A: Please use myhughesnet.hughesnet.com and click the Email or Log In icons on the right corner of your screen. You will be asked set your security questions and answers for the first time to make your account more secure. If you forget your password in the future, you will be able to reset it by answering the questions.
Q: Where can I find my Site Account Number (SAN)?

You can locate your Site Account Number (SAN) from your HughesNet modem's System Control Center or from your monthly statement.

Locating your SAN from your System Control Center:

Launch an internet browser and connect to www.systemcontrolcenter.com. Your SAN is located at the top of the page. Below is an example test account.

Locating your SAN from your monthly statement:

Your Site Account Number (SAN) is the same as the account number found on your monthly statement. If you have an old or printed copy of your monthly statement, the SAN is shown as the Account Number field at the top right.
Q: I forgot the answers to my security questions, how can I reset them?

If you can login to Support Center but forgot the answers to your security questions, you can login and manage the questions and answers by going to:

  • Profile tab, click Logins, then click Manage.
  • If you CANNOT login to Support Center and forgot the answers to your security questions, please call Customer Support. A CSR (Customer Service Representative) will be able assist you by resetting your password.
  • Once your password has been reset, please login to Support Center using the new password and manage the questions and answers by going to: Profile tab, click Logins, then click Manage.
Q: What is the Community tool?
A: Community allows you to view some helpful resources/tips from fellow customers and HughesNet contributors on how to optimize the use of your HughesNet service. You can also post any questions or feedback about your HughesNet service experience.


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Troubleshooting Login Issues



  1. Forgot User ID
    1. If you forgot your login, click the Forgot User ID.
    2. You must enter the SAN and your telephone number on file.
    3. The User ID(s) will be displayed.
  2. Forgot Password
    1. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password.
    2. You must enter your login information in the field below and click the I'm not a robot check box.
    3. If you had your security questions configured previously, you must answer ALL the security questions correctly. This is not case sensitive.
    4. If you successfully answered all the questions, the next window will prompt you to set the new password.

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Support Center Account Registration

There are two ways to register your account with the Support Center:

Support Center Registration While Creating a New Hughes.Net Email Address

  1. To register with the HughesNet Support Center and create a new Hughes.Net email address, go to http://supportcenter.myhughesnet.com. Then click the Sign In/Register button on the top right.
  2. Click the blue Register button on the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill out each section of the form.

    Note: A green check-mark will appear if the SAN is entered correctly. and a green check-mark will appear if the Hughes.Net email address is available. If the Requested Email Address is not available, you need to pick another Requested Email Address. The strength of the password will be graded. A Strong password would be best. Ignore the "Check this box if you have a Customer ID."

  4. You will receive the following confirmation message:

    Note: You are NOT logged in to the Support Center. You have only completed the registration process. For instructions on how to log into the Support Center, go to Log In To The Support Center.

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Support Center Registration Using an Existing Email Address or Social Media Account

  1. To register with the HughesNet Support Center using an existing Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, or AOL email address, go to http://supportcenter.myhughesnet.com. Then click the Sign In/Register button on the top right.
  2. Click on the service you wish to sign in with.
  3. Enter you username and password for that account. This example is a Yahoo account.
  4. Once the credentials of the email address are authenticated, the service agreement request from the provider is displayed, requesting permission to use the email account for HughesNet Support Center login. Click the I Agree button (or variation). This example is a Yahoo account.

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Log In To the Support Center (Must be registered with Support Center to follow these steps)

  1. To log in to the Support Center go to http://supportcenter.myhughesnet.com. Then, click the Sign In/Register button on the top right.
  2. Enter the User ID and Password and click the Sign In button.

    Note: Do not type in @hughes.net at the end of your User ID, it will be automatically added for you.
    Note: If you get an error and cannot login, ensure you are using the correct email address you used to register with the Support Center.

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Support Center Features

  • Billing Tab
    • Account Information Page
      • View Latest Invoice
        • Click View Invoice under the Billing Detail Information section.
        • Note: Alternatively you can click the View Current Invoice button on the myAccount main page.
        • Your latest invoice will be displayed in a separate window.
      • Change Payment Method
        • Click the blue Edit button under the Payment Type section.
        • Enter your billing address and new card or checking account information.
      • Change Contact Information
        • Click the blue Edit button next to Email, Day Phone Number, or Evening Phone Number under the Billing Account Information section.
        • Enter your new contact information on the form shown below.
    • Invoices Page
      • View Previous Invoices
        • Click View on any of the listed invoices under the Invoice History Section.
        • For invoices before the last five months, click View Older Invoices to pull up the list of all invoices.
    • My Service Page
      • Current Premium Services
        • The My Services section shows the premium services to which you are actually subscribed.
        • Click on the Manage button next to each service to view the available options. This is an example of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.
      • Available Services
        • You can review the remaining available services under the Other Optional Services section.
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  • Usage Tab
    • Meter Page
      • Remaining Data
        • Under the Status Meter section, you can view your remaining data, your refill date, and the token bytes available.
      • Purchasing/Activating Tokens

        • Click the blue Buy Tokens button under the Stats Meter section.

        • Click Purchase to add additional Token Bytes to the account, or click Use to activate any complimentary or prepaid tokens.

      • Downloading the Status Meter

        • You can download the Status Meter to your desktop to view at any time without logging in by clicking on the button under the Download Status Meter section.

    • History Page

      • You can view your data usage history chart over the past day, week, month, or two months by clicking the corresponding buttons on the History page.

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    Speed Test Tab

    • Speed Test
      • Click the blue Perform Speed Test button to begin the test.

      • While the test is running, the meters will move up and down, and a bar across the bottom will fill several times. When the test is complete you will see the download speed, upload speed and ping time.

        Note: As speeds tend to spike and dip, it is recommended to run the test several times and take an average to gain a more accurate idea of your speed.

      • Clicking View Test History will show your previous test results including when the test was performed.

    • Web Response Test

      • A Web Response Test will test the time it takes for your system to load a fixed size web page.

      • Click the blue Perform A Web Response Test button to begin the test.

      • The results will show several pieces of information. The important sections is the Download Time.

        Note: As speeds tend to spike and dip, it is recommended to run the test several times and take an average to gain a more accurate idea of your speed.

      • Clicking View Test History will show your previous test results including when the test was performed.

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  • Profile Tab

    • My Profile Page
      This page displays the current account information

      • All information can be changed by any of the Edit links.

    • Logins Page
      This page displays the current logins/email addresses on the account. The available logins can be managed or deleted.
      Note: The login currently being used cannot be deleted.

      • Manage Logins

        • Click Manage next to the User ID you would like to edit. You will be prompted the enter the password and check the I'm not a robot box.

        • Here you can change the Name on the login, the password, and the security questions.

      • Manage Social Media Logins
        You can manage any Social Media Logins you created. For more information on Social Media Logins see Support Center Registration Using and Existing Email or Social Media Account.

    • Notifications Page
      Here you can select which email notifications you would like to receive about your bill as well as to what email address they will be sent.

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  • Support Tab

    • Help Page
      This page provides help on all things regarding your HughesNet service. Categories are provided for easy searching, or you can do a broad search.

    • FAQ Page
      This page provides the answers to Frequently Asked Questions by HughesNet customers.

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  • Community Tab
    The community tab is where you can interact with other customers and online reps to ask questions or simply discuss your experience with HughesNet. It is a great tool to get help with your questions. The different page links across the top can help you quickly navigate to topics of discussion you're interested in.

    • To start a new discussion of your own, click New Post.

    • Type in the reason for your post (this can be a brief description as the full explanation will be added later).

    • The next screen will show a list of already created discussions that may answer your question. If you still wish to continue, click POST WITH THIS TITLE.

    • The next page prompts you to select a Conversation Type for your post. You can also add a more in depth explanation in the description box.

      Note: If you want only HughesNet employees to see and respond to your post you can check the box for POST THIS CONVERSATION PRIVATELY.

    • Before posting you can see exactly what your post will look like by clicking on the Preview tab at the top.

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Change/Upgrade Service Plans and Premium Services

The Shop/Upgrade panel allows you to change your service plan as well as add premium services to your account. Popular services are listed on the main page for quick access.

  • Plans and Pricing Tab
This tab lists the available service plans in your area, detailing pricing and specifications.
  • Optional Services Tab
This tab provides information on Premium Services you can add to your account at any time. Just click any of the Learn More buttons for more information.
  • Need Data Tab
This tab provides information on adding extra tokens to your account. For more information on how to add data see Purchasing/Activating Tokens.
  • My Services Tab
This tab displays your current service plan, premium services you subscribe to, and your monthly subtotal.

Click Change to be taken to a list of available plans in your area.
Note: Any changes made will be processed immediately and will be reflected on your next billing cycle.

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Email Access

You can access your email from any page in Support Center by clicking on the My Email button icon on the top right of the page.

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View/Pay Bill without Logging In
  • Enter the requested information and select either View My Invoice or Make A Payment.

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