Speed Test 
Last modified on
9/15/2016 12:36 PM 


Hughes recommends the use of their own speed test which allows you to record your results. Also, this allows our Customer Care agents to see your results and assist in troubleshooting. We use an independent service hosted on the internet to take these measurements, and they measure your performance end to end from your PC over the satellite and across the internet. The test currently requires Java and can be accessed from your HughesNet account management page or at http://consumer.performancetests.hughesnet.com/.

If you would like to test using another third-party speed test, Hughes recommends http://testmy.net/. When using another speed test site, keep in mind that your satellite connection connects you to the internet where your gateway is located, not near your home. So, if you live in Alabama, your connection to the internet may actually come from your gateway in Utah. This may cause the speed test site to report your location as being far from your home and report that your speed is normal.

Here are the guidelines for running testmy.net speed tests and sharing your results with us:

  1. Navigate to www.testmy.net in your browser If you already have a testmy.net account, click Sign In. If you do not have an account click Create Account.
  2. Sign into your testmy.net account. After signing in, verify that your username shows in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Download Test.
  4. Click Manual Test Size and select 12 MB from the drop-down menu.
  5. This speed test will begin and the following screen will appear. During this time, do not click anything on your screen.
  6. After your speed test has completed, your results will be displayed.
  7. To share your speed test results, copy and paste the URL that is displayed.
  8. Your results also can be shared by selecting any of the options below. For example, if you click on the Image URL button, a dialog box will appear with instructions to select all, copy, paste somewhere.
  9. If needed, click on Results to show your test history. Provide this link to HughesNet to speed up the troubleshooting process.