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    Service Description Type Article Number
    Premium Services
    Variety Pack Access to 9 Premium Online Services including Education, Sports, and Entertainment Premium Service 4356
    ID Vault ID Vault software to protect your personal information on your PC while surfing the internet Features secure login and data encryption. Premium and Free Edition 4965
    Access to 7 Educational Premium Online Services. Skill-building from ABCs to SATs Premium Services 4356
    GameSomnia Game package


    Manage My Premium Services
    Manage and remove premium services from your HughesNet account Premium Services 4356
    PC Essentials PC Optimization from HughesNet Premium Services 4435
    HughesNet Services
    Restore Tokens Self-service tool that allows the customer to restore their daily bandwidth allowance when it has been exceeded. HughesNet Service 4490
    HughesNet Express Repair
    Service protection plan designed to ensure that your HughesNet service is restored in an expedited manner HughesNet Service 3756
    Web Services Build your own website. Your complete online solution. HughesNet Service 1382
    HughesNet Security Essential antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection for customer's PC provided by Zone Alarm Security Suite HughesNet Service 3394
    Identity Theft Protection As an HughesNet customer, you are entitled to a 6-month free subscription to Identity Guard HughesNet Service N/A
    Upgrade Your Modem Upgrade your HughesNet modem. This website will allow you to place your order online in just a few minutes. HughesNet Service N/A
    HughesNet Services (Free)
    HughesNet Email HughesNet Email HughesNet Service 1278
    All Mail Component Manage multiple email addresses HughesNet Service 4449
    Facebook Component Facebook Component HughesNet Service 4842
    HughesNet Alerts Set your Alerts to have information delivered straight to your Inbox. HughesNet Service 4458
    Content Discovery Customize your HughesNet Home Page HughesNet Service 4462
    HughesNet Toolbar HughesNet Search Tool HughesNet Service N/A
    HughesNet Perks HughesNet offer the customers special discounts from major nationwide retailers. HughesNet Service 4504
    HughesNet Tools Get access to free and discounted 'self-help' software products HughesNet Service 4490
    Downloads and Plug-ins Link to software that enhance your experience or are required to optimally utilize your premium services HughesNet Service N/A
    FAQ http://home.myhughesnet.com Frequently Asked Questions HughesNet Service N/A

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