Troubleshooting the HN9000 Using a Self Service Tool 
Last modified on
2/23/2011 10:21 AM 


These are troubleshooting steps for the HN9000.


For HN9000 modems, a new software feature includes a Self Service Tool that monitors the Ka modem's functional status. Use this guide to resolve your issue.

  1. Browse to http://www.systemcontrolcenter.com.
  2. If the System Control Center will not load, the main System Control Center page will display.
  3. Click on the Problem Troubleshooting link to run the troubleshooting feature located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. From the Problem Troubleshooting page, click on the Start Troubleshooting button.
  5. The screen will display steps that you can follow to resolve your issue. When the analysis determines that the modem is in a normal status, the following screen will be displayed.

    • Some troubleshooting results will have specific actions such as "Disconnect from VPNs and temporarily disable firewalls."
    • Other results will include links to either run additional tests or to reset or enable the turbopage.
      In step number 3 from the previous image, there is a link that will automatically take action to enable the turbopage. After this action is taken, this link is deleted and you will be returned to the System Control Center homepage.
  6. Follow the suggested steps listed on the troubleshooting results page to resolve your issue.