Troubleshoot Cannot Access the System Control Center (SCC) 
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7/30/2010 10:15 AM 

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This article will guide you through troubleshooting steps in an attempt to restore connectivity to the HughesNet modems System Control Center.



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Stepspan1[1]='Start (HNS-3744) Troubleshoot cannot access system control center.'~ Stepspan2[1]='43,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[2]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[2]='5,"Yes",4,"No",'~ Stepspan1[3]='Ping http://hughesnetsupport.com. For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[3]='2,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[4]='Ping For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[4]='16,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[5]='Attempt to browse to http://HughesNetSUPPORT.com'~ Stepspan2[5]='10,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[10]='Were you successful browsing to http://HughesNetsupport.com?'~ Stepspan2[10]='11,"Yes",28,"No"'~ Stepspan1[11]='You have successfully reached the Control Center.'~ Stepspan2[11]=''~ Stepspan1[12]='Attempt to browse to'~ Stepspan2[12]='76,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[16]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[16]='92,"Yes",18,"No"'~ Stepspan1[17]='Attempt to browse to'~ Stepspan2[17]='22,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[18]='Verify and correct TCP/IP settings if required.For instruction on how to verify and change TCP/IP settings click here.'~ Stepspan2[18]='40,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[22]='Were you successful browsing to'~ Stepspan2[22]='23,"Yes",28,"No"'~ Stepspan1[23]='You have successfully reached the Control Center.'~ Stepspan2[23]=''~ Stepspan1[24]='Contact HughesNet Technical support.'~ Stepspan2[24]=''~ Stepspan1[28]='Verify that Proxy settings are correct. For instruction on how to check proxy settings click here.
Note:hughesnetsupport.com and must be in the exceptions field.If you have a Static IP Address, then include the Static IP Address in the exceptions field.'~ Stepspan2[28]='29,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[29]='Did the proxy settings need to be corrected?'~ Stepspan2[29]='30,"Yes",50,"No"'~ Stepspan1[30]='Attempt to browse to http://hughesnetsupport.com'~ Stepspan2[30]='33,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[33]='Were you successful browsing to http://hughesnetsupport.com?'~ Stepspan2[33]='34,"Yes",50,"No"'~ Stepspan1[34]='You have successfully reached the Control Center.'~ Stepspan2[34]=''~ Stepspan1[40]='Did the TCP/IP settings need to be reconfigured or corrected?'~ Stepspan2[40]='67,"Yes",42,"No"'~ Stepspan1[42]='Verify all cable connections between the HughesNet Modem and the PC are secure. Also verify that the Tx and Rx coaxial cables are securely connected to the HughesNet modem.'~ Stepspan2[42]='52,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[43]='Is your computer connected directly to the HughesNet modem?'~ Stepspan2[43]='3,"Yes",44,"No"'~ Stepspan1[44]='Please disconnect any networking equipment (i.e. Routers, hubs, etc.) and connect your PC directly to the HughesNet modem.'~ Stepspan2[44]=''~ Stepspan1[50]='Reboot your PC in Safe Mode with Networking. image("/sites/csr/PublishingImages//pf/12/webfiles/3744_01.jpg")'~ Stepspan2[50]='98,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[51]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[51]='92,"Yes",56,"No"'~ Stepspan1[52]='Ping For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[52]='51,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[56]='Verify that the LAN LED on the PC and the HughesNet modem is on or flashing.'~ Stepspan2[56]='58,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[58]='Is the LAN LED on or flashing?'~ Stepspan2[58]='75,"Yes",72,"No",'~ Stepspan1[60]='It appears that your LAN card is defective or not installed properly. Please contact the LAN OEM for assistance.'~ Stepspan2[60]=''~ Stepspan1[62]='Ping For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[62]='65,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[64]='Try manually configuring TCP/IP settings. For instruction on how to configure TCP/IP settings click here.'~ Stepspan2[64]='62,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[65]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[65]='3,"Yes",50,"No",'~ Stepspan1[67]='Restart the Computer and the HughesNet modem'~ Stepspan2[67]='3,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[72]='Ping This verifies if your LAN card is installed correctly and operational. For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[72]='73,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[73]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[73]='24,"Yes",60,"No"'~ Stepspan1[75]='Release and Renew the IP Address. For instruction on how to release and renew an IP address click here.'~ Stepspan2[75]='87,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[76]='Were you successful browsing to'~ Stepspan2[76]='81,"Yes",103,"No",'~ Stepspan1[80]='There is a third party software blocking access to the Control Center.Check the computer for any third party software that may be blocking access and temporarily disable the third party software.Note: This includes software like VPNs, Parental Control, Firewalls, etc. Reboot your PC in Normal Mode once the third party software is disabled.'~ Stepspan2[80]='12,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[81]='Contact your Third Party Software Vender to enable access to, and hughesnetsupport.com (also include your Static IP Address if you have a Static IP Service Plan).'~ Stepspan2[81]=''~ Stepspan1[86]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[86]='92,"Yes",64,"No",'~ Stepspan1[87]='Ping, For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[87]='86,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[92]='Verify DNS settings. For instruction on how to check DNS settings click here.'~ Stepspan2[92]='94,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[94]='Did the DNS settings need to be reconfigured or corrected?'~ Stepspan2[94]='3,"Yes",17,"No",'~ Stepspan1[98]='Ping For instruction on how to ping a device click here.'~ Stepspan2[98]='99,"Continue"'~ Stepspan1[99]='Was the ping test successful?'~ Stepspan2[99]='80,"Yes",103,"No"'~ Stepspan1[103]='Contact HughesNet Technical support.'~ Stepspan2[103]=''~ linkPath='/sites/csr/Pages'~linkExtn='.aspx'~AddStep(1,1,1)~


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