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2/17/2011 9:42 PM 


This article provides an overview of the different types of rebates available to HughesNet customers.


HughesNet Rebates

If you purchase and activate a new HughesNet satellite system, a HughesNet corporate rebate may apply to your order. To get program details and your rebate request status, click any the following links:

If you have fulfilled the criteria for your corporate HughesNet rebate and still have not received your rebate, please call 888-622-9277.

Are you experiencing a problem cashing a rebate check?

Hughes rebates are issued by our Canadian partner but are drawn on a US bank account in US currency. As such, you should not be subject to any surcharges or processing fees from your financial institution. If your financial institution indicates that the check is a foreign check, please clarify that it is drawn on a US bank account.

Dealer Rebates

A dealer rebate is separate from the Hughes Corporate rebate. A dealer rebate is independently advertised and sponsored by the dealer, though not all dealers have rebates.

Note: Even though you may qualify for a HughesNet Corporate Rebate, HughesNet does not participate in dealer rebates. e.g., If you purchased your HughesNet system from Circuit City, only Circuit City can assist you with your dealer rebate. Similarly, the dealer cannot assist you with a HughesNet rebate.