Signal Issues 
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9/16/2010 5:52 PM 


Inclement weather is the most common cause of signal loss. The signal loss that you are experiencing should subside once the storm has passed. If you experience a weak or fluctuating signal, several other factors should be taken into consideration (i.e. - hardware problems, software problems, ...XYZ).


  • Determine your signal strength, click here.
  • Check your power supply, click here.
  • Check for damaged cables, click here.
  • Check your line-of-sight, click here.
  • Check if you have the most recent software version installed, click here .

Signal Strength

In order to transmit/receive with the satellite, the system requires a signal strength greater than 31.

Important: The following steps must be performed from a computer connected to your HughesNet satellite modem.

Determine your signal strength (HN9x00)

  1. Access the System Control Center, click here.
  2. Click System Status.
  3. Locate Receive Signal Strength in the Satellite Interface section.

Determine your signal strength (DW40x0, DW60x00, DW7x00, HN7x00S)

Important: The following steps must be performed from a computer connected to your HughesNet satellite modem.

  1. Access the System Control Center, click here..
  2. Click System Status.

Local Signal Strength

Line Of Sight

Line-of-sight is an imaginary line that connects the satellite antenna to the satellite. When an object obstructs the line-of-sight (i.e. tree branches or leaves), signal strength decreases or can be lost completely. A physical inspection of the location around the satellite antenna is required to verify that the line-of-sight is not obstructed. If the line-of-sight is obstructed, follow the directions below.

If you have easy access to the antenna (i.e., the antenna is pole mounted): (Show image)

  1. Unplug the Hughes modem.
  2. Remove the obstruction from the antenna's line-of-sight. Care must be taken not to move the antenna assembly in any way during this process.
    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to clear an obstruction from the antenna assembly if the action could result in your endangerment (i.e., the antenna is roof mounted). A professional may be needed to remove certain obstructions (ie., trees). DO NOT attempt to remove any obstruction close to power lines.
If you are unable to move the foliage/obstruction from the antenna's line-of-sight, a certified Hughes installer will need to move the antenna.

IMPORTANT: Hughes only supports Hughes systems installed by certified installers.